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St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church is a vibrant faith community of approximately 700 households located in the lower St. Croix River Valley that welcomes Catholics to worship and practice their faith with reverence and joy. We are rooted in tradition and growing in faith. Through our celebration of the sacraments, faith formation and outreach we offer opportunities for ministry and service.



Sunday, June 26, 2022
C OT 13
Father Mark's Musings
Vol 7 No 52

            This weekend the liturgy resumes the Sunday cycle, making a complete return to Ordinary Time. Though we have been in Ordinary Time for two weeks already, the last two Sundays have been solemnities that have extended the joy and rejoicing of Easter. Thus, today will be the first time you will notice the green vestments of the season and we once again return to the continuous reading of the Gospel according to Luke. We cannot speak of Ordinary Time without speaking of Sunday. The every seven-day celebration of the Lord’s Day is the basic structure upon which the Church Year is built. The great liturgical seasons of Advent-Christmas and Lent-Easter are more expansive celebrations of particular aspects of the one paschal mystery which we celebrate every Lord’s Day. These special seasons focus our attention upon various dimensions of the one mystery.

            Ordinary Time is not very ordinary at all. Ordinary Time, the celebration of Sunday is the identifying mark of the Christian community which comes together, remembering that on this first day of the week, the Lord was raised up and creation came at last to completion. Sunday as a day of play and worship is a sacrament of redeemed time. How we live Sunday proclaims to the world what we believe about redeemed time now and forever. What happens in church every Sunday is the fruit of our week past and the beginning of the week to come. Sunday, like all sacraments, is simultaneously a point of arrival and departure for Christians on their way to the fullness of the kingdom. This is not ordinary at all. This is the fabric of Christian living.

            And so, on this Thirteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time, Luke’s Jesus is resolved to journey to Jerusalem where his mission and ministry will be accomplished. Being rejected by Samaritans along the way is an indication of the kind of reception that he will receive in Jerusalem. However, that does not stop Jesus from continuing his journey nor does it prevent him from inviting others to follow him. Jesus’ harsh words toward those desiring to follow him are not intended to be taken literally but are a way of expressing the importance of committing everything to the Lord, as did Elisha in the first reading. Jesus is saying nothing must stand in the way of one’s commitment to God’s path. One needs to pay attention to family and social responsibilities, but they cannot become obstacles to or prevent one from committing oneself to building and establishing God’s kingdom.

            As we move into the summer months, I am reminded of a Swedish Proverb, “A life without love is like a year without summer.” The summer months are a wonderful opportunity to slow down from the school year schedule, for vacations, to catch up on work that did not get done during the fast pace of the year and enjoy the beauty of creation. And that is what I hope to accomplish this summer.

            Even though you may be on vacation this summer, we are not. Please remember your financial stewardship to St. Francis while you are away. Collection envelopes may be mailed to or dropped off at the office during business hours. There is also the Automatic Contribution Plan (ACH); this is a safe, easy, and convenient way to make your stewardship offering. Monthly amounts of your designation will be deducted from your checking or savings account on the first or fifteenth of each month. It can be started, changed, or stopped for any reason at any time. For more information, please call the parish office. And of course, support the Church you are visiting while on vacation too. It is fun to worship while traveling because you are able to experience the universal Church. While the essence of the Mass is the same there are always the customs or traditions which make the Mass “home” for the locals. People will often share with me what they have experienced in other churches and will often save and share their church bulletins too. They are fun to look at.

            “There is an appointed time for everything, and a time for every season under the heavens.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1) This weekend we celebrate the “Swan Songs” for Joe Reed, who retired as our choir director and our faithful accompanist, Lawrence Henry who will be officially retiring now the end of June but will be hangin’ around til the middle of August. I discovered very early in my ministry here at St. Francis that one of the reasons why we’ve been able to make such beautiful music is the friendship between these guys. Joe’s ministry began here at St. Francis began 23 years ago back in 1998 and Lawrence 19 years ago back in 2003 … a combined 42 years of dedicated music ministry!! I’ve heard many accolades of the both of you in the past weeks, too many to recount here, needless to say you’ve had a profound “crescendo” in the life of the community, and you will be dearly missed. We certainly wish you well as you begin this new time in your lives and know you are always welcome to join us in song because “our lives flow on in endless songs.”

            I have also received the retirement of Myrt & Tom Thompson effective June 25, 2022. Myrt & Tom have quietly and faithfully served the St. Francis community for nearly 25 plus years behind the scenes as our custodians and Tom our yard care. From the obvious emptying of the garbage to the cleaning of the bathrooms and the vacuuming of the floor to the straightening of the books in the pews, to the washing of all our windows to the cleaning and filling our Holy Water fonts and Tom’s meticulous lawn care we owe a great deal of gratitude to Myrt & Tom and wish them well as they make this transition in their lives.

            I am happy to announce that our maintenance guy, Steve Allen will be picking up Myrt & Tom custodial and yard care responsibilities as our new Building and Grounds Manager, with the help of Jackie Beedle as a custodial assistant effective July 1, 2022.

           This weekend we are taking up the annual Peter’s Pence Collection which is a way to support the Universal Church, and the work of the Holy See, including Pope Francis with the funds to carry out his charitable works. These works benefit our brothers and sisters on the margins of society, including victims of war, oppression, and disasters. Take this opportunity to join with Pope Francis and be sign of mercy to our suffering brothers and sisters. For more information, visit Please use the envelope provided in your packet of contribution envelopes or extra envelopes are available on the table in the back of church. Thank you for your generous support.

            Save the date for this year’s St. Francis Celebration Sunday, October 2 from 10:30-2:00 pm. Building on the success and community building experience of our lenten food pack-a-thon for Haiti, we would like to incorporate a service component to our festival. In a couple of weeks, I will pull together a committee to begin event planning, namely for the Basket Bonanza Raffle. If you would like to be a part of the planning of this year’s celebration, please let me know.

            Remember the nursery rhyme, “Mary, Mary, quite contrary … How does your garden grow?” Thankfully, our summer gardens and planters are again beautifully growing thanks to Sue Nau and Cindy Buckland who planted and cares for them and to Rodney Burt who donated the beautiful petunia pots in memory of his wife Donna. If you would like to assist in the watering, garden care or sharing your summer flowers with us, please give us a call in the parish office.

            Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament will be cancelled this coming Friday, July 1 due to the beginning of the Independence holiday weekend.

            PAX ET BONUM

                        Fr. Mark



Weekly Schedule

Sunday, June 26

9:30 am Mass (Church)

Mass Intention

+ Sue Fargo & John Wynne

10:30 am Swan Song Celebration for Joe Reed & Lawrence Henry

Monday, June 27

9:00 am Quilters (Rooms 1 & 2)

Wednesday, June 29

9:00 am Mass (Chapel))

Mass Intention



9:30 am Hospitality (Berg Hall)

Thursday, June 30

10:30 am Funeral Service for Doug Kafka (Church)

7:00 pm AA Group (Room 1 & 2)

Friday, July 1

9:00 am Mass (Chapel)

Mass Intention


Adoration cancelled for beginning of the Independence weekend

Saturday, July 2

4:00 pm Confessions (Vestry)

5:00 pm Mass (Church)

Mass Intention


Sunday, July 3

9:30 am Mass (Church)

Mass Intention

+ Jerry Mealey

10:45 am Strong Baptism