Parish Leadership


Parish Leadership (Trustees, Pastoral Council and Finance Committee)

We are grateful to the many talented and dedicated volunteers who serve in parish leadership roles.  Working in partnership with our pastor, these volunteers ensure that the financial, physical, social and spiritual needs of our parish are met.



In civil law, each Roman Catholic parish corporation is governed by a Board of Trustees which includes the Archbishop, Vicar General/Moderator of the Curia, the pastor and two lay individuals (Trustees) as treasurer and secretary.  The duties of the Board of Trustees are fiduciary and require responsibility for the care and preservation of the temporalities and property of the parish corporation.

Ab Rahimi

Holly Garland


Pastoral Council

The general function of the Pastoral Council is to advise the pastor in those pastoral matters presented to it by the pastor.  It carries out its function by  informing the pastor of the needs and concerns, gifts and resources of the whole parish and its members; developing a parish pastoral plan; participating in ongoing pastoral planning, and reviewing and evaluating the effectiveness of existing ministries and programs


Finance Committee

The Finance Committee assists the pastor in the administration of parish goods in accordance with the norms of Canon Law.  We conduct periodic reviews of the parish expenditures and revenues, make budget recommendations, and assist in preparation of the annual financial report for the parish.  They develop a proposed parish annual budget for approval by the pastor, in light of parish goals and priorities.  They annually conduct inventories of parish resources and holdings and review areas such as maintenance of the resources and insurance limits.

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