Welcome!  We are excited that your child will be receiving the sacrament of Confirmation this year. The church teaches that parents are the first and foremost catechists of their children. As your teen progresses through this sacrament preparation class, there are many opportunities for you to assume some of the responsibility for their formation. Here are a few ideas to help you prepare your teen for full Christian living: 

  • attend and participate in parent meeting
  • carefully read and help your candidate follow the Confirmation requirements
  • ask your candidate "What they did at class?"
  • guide your candidate's choice of a sponsor
  • help your candidate research and chose a saint name
  • attend Mass every weekend as a family, invite a friend or sponsor
  • pray with your candidate - at meals, before bed ... anytime is a good time to pray
  • support your candidate's service pursuits
  • volunteer at a parish function or community event as a family

Confirmation classes

Classes will be held every Wednesday evening 6:30 to 7:45 pm (please see calendar).We believe that it is important to build a sense of community within our Faith Formation program. The Confirmation candidates will then participate in any and all large/small group Faith Formation events, such as; All Saints Day, Live Rosary, Advent Wreath lightings, Reconciliation during Lent, Live Stations of the Cross, Adoration,  Passover Seder meal and Personal Safety class.

Candidate/Parent Meeting
Our required Candidate/Parent meeting will be held the first day of classes (please see calendar). This meeting will give you information you need for the coming year, a chance to meet with all the candidates and parents and time to sign-up to volunteer for the various parish events.

"Decision Point" by Matthew Kelly
We will be using DECISION POINT by Rediscover, Matthew Kelly.  It is a 12 session and DVD based program that incorporates group presentation followed by small group discussion. Your candidate will discover how to "Become the best version of him/herself !" 
You can learn more about Decision Point by visiting their website: Dynamic

Confirmation sponsor
It is desirable that the sponsor (godparent) of the candidate at baptism is also the sponsor at Confirmation, although another person may fulfill this role. Church law states that sponsors must be the following:

  • at least 16 years of age
  • a Confirmed Catholic
  • living in accordance with the Catholic faith

Your sponsor should be able to be with you at your Confirmation in the spring and it is best if they can be an active part of your life, especially during your time of preparation. 

Confirmation/Saint name
Your packet contains a letter from former Archbishop Nienstedt that helps explain why it is important to choose just the right confirmation/saint name. There is a saint name selection worksheet to help you in your decision. The internet is just full of websites that can assist you in researching a name.

Letter to the Pastor
We are asking our candidates to write a letter of intent to receive the sacrament of Confirmation to Father Mark Underdahl.  The letter should include reasons why you want to be confirmed, how you know you are ready, ways you have prepared yourself.  It may include areas of service, interests in the Church, personal experiences in Faith, and something that reveals their own personality. It should be a warm and friendly letter that is neatly written and/or typed on appropriate stationary.  Included in your packet is an outline to help you write your letter and a sample of a past letter. The candidate may also be interviewed by our pastor at a date TBD.

Our Confirmation retreat will be held at the ARC Retreat Center in Osceola, WI. We have reserved February 28, 29 & March 1 as the weekend of our retreat, This is a mandatory event. Please look for permission form at the back of your folder. The cost of the retreat is included in your tuition.

There will be three (3) required Service Projects that each candidate will need to fulfill. We have also added 5 more requirements that will be completed during class sessions. The dates will be announced. Those will be class days that your candidate should not miss.
Below you will find a list of all requirements.
The required service projects are:

  • Host a Sunday Social (Donut Sunday) 9 weekends to choose from
  • Parish Celebration - September 29
  • Cook/Serve at the Solidarity/Lenten soup supper and attend Stations of the Cross

Additional requirements: Dates TBD
Teaching Mass
Passover Seder
Safety Presentation (candidates will be teaching)

There are often times when a situation occurs ( illness, family emergency) when a candidate cannot fulfill the required service or attend an in class requirement. "These will be handled on a as needed basis."

Please contact Cindy Buckland at the parish office 651-436-7817 or by email at